OSU to Receive $2.9 Million for Internet Upgrade and to Replace Aging HVAC Facilities: Stinziano Serves on Controlling Board

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State University will receive more than $2.9 million from the state to continue its upgrade to the Dark Fiber Project and to replace aging HVAC facilities, state Rep. Michael Stinziano said.

"These projects will help Ohio State continue to be a leading, technologically advanced university ready for 21st century challenges,” said Stinziano, a Columbus Democrat, who servedon the state Controlling Board Monday. 

Without comment, the Controlling Board released $1,042,044.23 for Ohio State to buy equipment as part of the Dark Fiber Network. 

According to state records, the "Dark Fiber Project" refers specifically to the OARnet Network, a dedicated high-speed broadband fiber-optic network linking Ohio colleges and universities with research facilities to support education, research and promote economic development. 

In terms of physical infrastructure, the OARnet network is designed as a next generation network made up of 1,850 route miles of fiber optic cable that creates a statewide network backbone to provide a statewide data transportation system for schools, research institutions and government. This data transportation system serves the growing needs of education and research in Ohio due to the advanced capabilities of the network. 

The advanced capabilities of the OARnet network come from how data is transported across the network. Instead of two streams of data on a traditional network, the OARnet network's fiber optic network can transport up to 32 high-capacity streams of data in each fiber optic cable. 

The Board also released $1,750,530 for the preconstruction and construction stages for the Chiller Replacement Project to install new chillers and connect chilled water piping to the campus chilled water loop. In addition to chillers, this project will also install associated equipment to complement the chillers including piping, pumps, condensers, and associated controls; $93,700 for HVAC upgrades to Hamilton Hall; and $70,905 for the Research Portal project, an initiative that expands inter-university collaboration in Ohio. 

In addition, the board released $140,000 for the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family services to contract with Capital University Law School for services that support Ohio’s Criminal Justice Act Task Force. 

Made up of six state lawmakers and a representative of the governor's office, the Controlling Board has the final say over some of the state's larger spending projects.