Rep. Stinziano Calls on Speaker Rosenberger and President Faber to Study Options to Update Aging Voting Equipment

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Representative Michael Stinziano (D-Columbus) is calling for a formal process conducted by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, elections administrators, county officials, and interested parties to study the state’s aging voting equipment, and publish recommendations for replacing the decade-old machines.

In a letter to House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and Senate President Keith Faber, Stinziano, the former director of the Franklin County Board of Elections said that “Conducting a public and open dialogue that identifies the process that must be undertaken to update, as best as possible, our elections infrastructure is important.”

“Just like my first outdated car, a 1985 Chevy Impala, was able to get the job done when headed from A to B, our current elections infrastructure is sufficient,” Stinziano said. “However, our system is growing increasingly outdated, and it is my hope that this bipartisan review and path forward will appropriately bring our elections administration up to speed and take advantage of changes in technology and security.”

A large number of counties updated their voting equipment last when federal money was available for the purpose following issues at the polls during the 2000 general election.

“Free, fair and open elections are important tenants of our access to the ballot and election administration,” Stinziano said. “It is beyond time that the General Assembly, interested parties and the Ohio Secretary of State begin the important discussions about Ohio’s outdated election equipment and how best to address any potential changes that may be needed.”