Bill to Fund Effective Ways to Fight Homelessness

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Effective ways to fight homelessness would be incentivized under a state grant program that would be created under a bipartisan bill to be proposed by two state lawmakers. 

State Reps. Michael Stinziano, D-Columbus, and Cheryl Grossman, R-Grove City, say they plan to soon introduce legislation which will establish the Ohio Coordinating Committee to End Homelessness. 

"We need to do all we can to create systemic changes to fight the scourge of homelessness," Stinziano said. "We need to highlight the positive and effective changes that are happening in this fight to bring workable strategies to combat homelessness." 

The bill would be comprised of appointees from the executive and legislative branches of state government, with the objective of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of homelessness prevention programs throughout the state. 

Modeled after successful legislation in Utah, the bill would institute a grant program to be overseen by the Committee to award contracts for initiatives throughout Ohio that prioritize emergency housing and self-sufficiency for the homeless community. 

These grants will be awarded through the Marsha Donner Homeless Fund, also set up by the bill. The fund is named for the Columbus-area humanitarian who worked with homeless mothers and families and created an annual luncheon in honor of homeless mothers. 

Earlier this year, Stinziano received the Marsha Donner Humanitarian Award from the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless in recognition of his work "for prioritizing the needs of homeless persons in dedication towards improving the community's quality of life."