State Representative Michael Stinziano June 2015 Newsletter

Dear Constituent,

Recent events in Ohio and other cities across the country have sparked a passionate conversation about the need to improve community-police relations in Ohio. 

As your state representative, I believe that the economic and social climate of Ohio are interconnected, and there are two ongoing efforts at the state level that I want to share with you. 

First, the Ohio Task Force for Community-Police Relations has presented recommenda­tions to the Governor on how to repair and strengthen the bond between police officers and the community that they serve. Among the recommendations made were greater police training, more accountability and greater community involvement by police. 

You can access the Final Report and Recommendations of the Community-Police Rela­tions Task Force at:

 Second, my colleagues in the House Democratic Caucus and I are working in the legis­lature to ensure that every Ohioan has the opportunity for a better quality of life. I am committed to providing strong, effective, and energetic leadership in the General Assem­bly as an advocate who works in a bipartisan manner to create more and better jobs by championing legislation that fosters small business growth, access to quality healthcare and a world-class education that ensures our children have the tools to succeed.

 All Ohioans deserve to live and work toward the American Dream in safe neighborhoods that they can call home. By expanding economic opportunities for the middle class and encouraging more dialogue between communities and the men and women who protect and serve us, I believe Ohioans will be in a better position to feel the full promise of that dream.

 As our community begins implementing the recommendations of the Ohio Task Force for Community-Police Relations, I want to hear from you about how we can ensure that all Ohioans have the opportunity for a higher quality of life and encourage you to contact me to let me know how you think we should move forward.

 Remember, when you have a suggestion, problem, question, or concern, or anytime that I can be of service, call me at 614-466-1896 or email me at and I will do everything I can to help.

 Also, please visit my website often to learn more about my work to improve life for the residents and businesses of our community:

I’m at the Statehouse working for you.


Michael Stinziano

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