Reps. Stinziano, Duffey Introduce Bill To Enhance North Market Experience

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In response to requests from merchants located in the North Market, State Reps. Michael Stinziano and Mike Duffey (R-Worthington) have introduced legislation (HB 37) allowing visitors to the North Market to enjoy wine and beer tastings in the market much like they can  in other grocery establishments across Ohio.

“Our North Market truly ‘Showcases the Best of the Best in entrepreneurship,’” said Stinziano, a Columbus Democrat, “and I’m happy and excited to enhance the North Market experience for shoppers visiting there.”

“The North Market is one of the jewels in The Short North. We should do everything we can to promote the small business people working here.”

“The North Market is central Ohio’s most beloved, historic and authentic ‘supermarket’,” said State Rep. Mike Duffey. “Yet, the average visitor cannot drink a beer with their meal, despite often being able to do so in chain supermarkets.  This legislation will fix that problem, by providing central Ohioans the same options they have inside newer foodie-oriented supermarkets.  And that will make the North Market even more successful.”

“Our bill, promoting the success of small businesses located in the North Market is another example of many good ideas that my constituents suggest to me,” Stinziano said.  “Like Ohio’s new law helping protect our young athletes from sustaining head injuries because of returning to play too soon after sustaining a concussion, HB 143 is a common sense approach to supporting small businesses in our community.”

Other bills that Stinziano has introduced previously that constituents first suggested to him include legislation establishing Start Up Zones in Ohio (HB 669); preventing infant deaths (HB448); reducing senior citizen falls (HB84); and increasing protection against domestic abuse (HB 243).

“As state representative, I pay close attention to ideas that my constituents suggest to me,” Stinziano said, “and encourage constituents to call or meet with me about their ideas.”

HB 37 will allow a person to possess beer or intoxicating liquor on the premises of the market if it has been purchased from a D liquor permit holder that is located in the market.

The bill will be assigned to a House committee for further study.