Rep. Stinziano Celebrates Student Trustee Voting Rights at Ohio State

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- State Rep. Michael Stinziano joined The Ohio State University Trustees Friday as Ohio State celebrated the ability of student Trustees on OSU’s board to be able to vote in board decisions.

Stinziano, a Columbus Democrat, also noted that more work was needed to allow student Trustees at other universities that same opportunity.

"I am very proud that student trustees at Ohio's flagship university have the ability to represent the views of fellow student on important matters facing the university and also to help decide them," Stinziano said. "I hope that my colleagues in the Ohio General Assembly continue the important work of providing student trustees at other public universities the opportunity to vote."

Stinziano, whose House district contains several colleges and universities including Ohio State, championed state law changes done through the state budget process that gave public universities the option of allowing student trustees to participate in board decisions and Ohio State has.

For the last three sessions of the General Assembly, Stinziano and Rep Mike Duffey (R-Worthington) have introduced bipartisan legislation to extend voting opportunity to student trustees serving on public university boards of trustees.

"With the myriad of decisions facing university boards on important issues such as tuition, I have always believed that student trustees need the same standing as other university trustees and the ability to participate in board decisions," Stinziano said.

Stinziano's father, former state Rep. Mike Stinziano, originally championed legislation when he was in the House of Representatives. The elder Stinziano worked for 18 years to pass legislation that put student trustees in public university boards in 1988.

According to a survey of U.S. public universities by the Association of Governing Boards, slightly more than half of all students on boards of those universities can vote in board decisions.