COLUMBUS, Ohio – Rep. Michael Stinziano (D-Columbus) will soon introduce legislation that would give greater community input into state procedures for identifying and fixing problematic traffic areas by allowing citizens to petition the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for speed limit reductions on their street of residence. 

“It’s the local citizens who travel the roads in their area every day who know their neighborhoods best,” said Rep. Stinziano. “Residents should have a greater say in the traffic concerns that ultimately affect the safety of their families and communities.”

Under current Ohio law, local authorities can request, by resolution, that ODOT conduct a speed study to determine a reasonable and safe speed limit. Rep. Stinziano’s bill would allow citizens to or directly engage in the process and bring direct attention to traffic problems by means of petition.

“Based on previous experiences with ODOT, it is necessary to provide people with another opportunity.” said Rep. Stinziano. “My bill would allow people to identify and fix problematic traffic areas in their neighborhoods, while also saving taxpayers time, money, and resources.”

The bill was developed after Rep. Stinziano, heard from his neighbors that speed limits on Neil, King, Starr and W. 3rd Ave. were set to increase following the end of a 10-year “temporary” speed limit reduction. However, over the last 10 years, citizens found that the 25 mph limit was ultimately safest due to the high pedestrian and bike traffic in the area.

The bill will soon be introduced, and is currently being circulated to members of the House.