Stinziano Focused on Results

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- State Rep. Michael Stinziano intends to remain focused on practical and effective leadership at the Statehouse when he is seated for a third two-year term in the Ohio House of Representatives next month.

"I thank voters for their confidence in me and in my ability to get things done on their behalf," said Stinziano, a Columbus Democrat. "and will build on my track record as a problem solver and focus on doing what needs to be done to make our neighborhoods the best places in Ohio to live, work, raise a family and grow a business."

As the 130th Ohio General Assembly closes, Stinziano said he is proud of these bills that have been signed into law:

-- HB 20 Proof of Insurance: Permits a person to present proof of financial responsibility to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, a peace officer, a traffic violations bureau, or a court through use of an electronic wireless communications device or smartphone. Signed by the Governor via SB 255 in December 2014.

-- HB 117 Captive Insurance Companies (Joint Sponsor - Hackett): To provide for the operation of captive insurance companies in Ohio. Signed by the Governor in June 2014.

-- HB  126 Living Will Changes (Joint Sponsor - Kunze): To allow a person who creates a durable power of attorney for health care to authorize the attorney to obtain health information about the person, to make an individual who is designated as an alternate attorney in fact ineligible to witness the instrument that creates a durable power or attorney for health care, to permit the principal to nominate a guardian in a durable power of attorney for health care, and to establish a presumption that a valid living will declaration revokes all prior declarations. Signed by the Governor in December 2013.

 -- HB 131 Tanning Regulation (Joint Sponsor – Johnson): Establishes consent requirements for individuals who use fluorescent sun lamp tanning services at a tanning facility and requires individuals under the age of 18 to have their consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian. Signed by the Governor in December 2014.

--HB 170 Naloxone (Joint Sponsor - Johnson): Provides a licensed health professional to prescribe, administer, dispense, or furnish naloxone in connection with an apparent opioid-related overdose without civil liability or criminal prosecution. Signed by the Governor in March 2014.

 -- HB 243 Domestic Violence Protection (Joint Sponsor – Slaby): To include the protection of companion animals in temporary protection orders, domestic violence protection orders, anti-stalking protection orders, and related protection orders.  Signed by the Governor via SB 177 in December 2014.

 -- HB 259 Economic Gardening (Joint Sponsor – Dovilla): Creates the Ohio Economic Gardening Pilot Program, which will give small businesses the resources they need to grow. The program will connect entrepreneurs to resources, encourage the development of essential infrastructure and provide entrepreneurs with needed market information.  Incorporated as an amendment to SB 243; Signed by the Governor in December 2014.

-- HB 261 Court of Claims (Joint Sponsor - Butler): Makes several operational and administrative changes for the Court of Claims.  This is a clean-up bill which is supported by the Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio Court of Claims. Signed by the Governor in April 2014.

 --HB 265 Accessible Language in ORC and Signage (Joint Sponsor - Grossman): Replace the word “handicapped” with “accessible” in R.C.4503.44 and R.C.4511.69 Incorporated as an amendment to HB 483; Signed by the  Governor in June 2014.

--HB 344 Create Ohio Statehouse License Plate (Joint Sponsor - Hill): Creates Ohio Statehouse license plate. Signed by the Governor via HB 206 in April 2014.

--HB 365 Tax Overpayment Notification (Joint Sponsor - Duffey): Legislation that would require the Ohio Department of Taxation to inform a business when they have overpaid on their taxes. Signed by the Governor via SB 263 in June 2014.

-- HB 430 Self Storage Regulation (Joint Sponsor – Kunze): To regulate self storage facilities. Signed by the Governor in December 2014.

--HB 448 Infant Mortality Education & Prevention (Joint Sponsor - Kunze): Provides for development of educational materials promoting infant safe-sleeping practices and for review of the materials with parent, guardian, or caregiver of each newborn infant. Incorporated as an amendment to HB 394; Signed by the Governor in December 2014.

Information about all of Rep. Stinziano’s work in the 130th General Assembly can be found at: