Bill Would Notify Taxpayers Of Overpayment

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Businesses that have overpaid on their state taxes would have to be notified by the Ohio Department of Taxation, under a bill to be introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives.

The bill, to be sponsored jointly by state Rep. Michael Stinziano, D-Columbus, and Mike Duffey, R-Worthington, is about fairness, according to proponents.

“The purpose of this legislation is simple,” said Stinziano. “It is to ensure that Ohio companies that have overpaid on their taxes are treated fairly by the state and informed of their overpayment immediately.”

Recently, the Ohio Inspector General found that the Ohio Department of Taxation failed to return more than $30 million in approved business tax refunds to companies that had properly requested the money.

In fact, the Department reportedly had a policy of not telling companies that had overpaid on their taxes. Under Ohio law, if tax overpayments aren’t claimed within three to four years from the overpayment, the money is then kept by the state.

Stinziano and Duffey plan to introduce the bill in the coming days.