Youth Sport Concussion Regulations Available Online: Ohio Department of Health Publishes Guidelines for Volunteers, Coaches and Referees.

COLUMBUS– In accordance with House Bill 143, the Ohio Department of Health on Wednesday posted new guidelines for volunteers, coaches and referees affiliated with youth sports. This Youth Sport Concussion Prevention legislation was sponsored by Rep. Sean J. O’Brien (D – Brookfield) and Rep. Michael Stinziano (D – Columbus) and will take effect April 26, 2013.

“I am pleased to see that the Ohio Department of Health has promptly posted information on its website regarding our legislation’s guidelines and safety training requirements,” said Rep. O’Brien. “This webpage will undoubtedly aid parents, children and youth sport officials as implementation of this bill begins.”

The guidelines and safety requirements can be found at <>

“The Ohio Department of Health webpage will serve as a tool and resource for information on the legislation,” said Rep. Stinziano. “We anticipate this information will give all those associated with youth sports the time and direction to implement the bill at no cost.” 

House Bill 143, signed into law last December, establishes educational guidelines and procedures to remove a youth player from competition or practice if they show symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. This bi-partisan legislation has received much support and attention from numerous health-oriented organizations including the Ohio Public Health Association, Brain Injury Awareness Association of Ohio, Akron Children’s Hospital, National Football League and many others.