Stinziano Is Named Ranking Minority Member On House Judiciary and Ethics Committee

State Rep. Michael Stinziano has been named the Ranking Minority Member on the House Judiciary and Ethics Committee.

As the Ranking Member, Stinziano, a first-term House member, becomes the top Democratic member on the committee with jurisdiction on legal matters.

"I'm proud to serve as the Ranking Democratic Member on the House Judiciary and Ethics Committee," Stinziano said. 

"The Committee has oversight on legal issues and my background as a lawyer and former Director of the Franklin County Board of Elections will give me a unique perspective on the issues that come before the committee," Stinziano said."The rule of law is so very important in our community and I look forward to promoting and strengthening the rule of law in Ohio" Stinziano said.

Stinziano, a lawyer who specializes in elections law and the former director of the Franklin County Board of Elections, also serves on the House Insurance Committee, the House Public Utilities Committee and the House State Government & Elections Committee.