State Rep. Stinziano Pushes for U.S. Patent Satellite Office

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Michael Stinziano (D—Columbus), with bipartisan cooperation from the Franklin County Ohio House Delegation, has introduced a resolution urging the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to locate one of its new satellite offices in Central Ohio.

“The combination of a well-educated, young population working with industry leaders on the products of tomorrow makes Central Ohio a premier location for a satellite office,” Stinziano said.

“An office in Central Ohio would reduce patent application dependency, improve quality and enhance communication between the USPTO and the patent applicant community. Perhaps most importantly, a satellite office in Central Ohio will further the progress our community has made in training, retraining and attracting a highly skilled workforce.”

The resolution touts Central Ohio’s growing population, skilled workforce, great research institutions and its growing economy.

Federal legislation passed by Congress last fall requires patent officials to create at least three more U.S. offices within three years. That’s aimed at improving interactions with patent applicants and boosting the recruitment and hiring of patent examiners.

Rep. Stinziano sent a letter in December urging the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to locate a satellite office in Columbus.

Recent reports state that members of Ohio’s Congressional legislation have sent similar letters in support of the state receiving a satellite office. The letters from Ohio advocates are among reports of more than 500 comments the trade office says it received as people advocated for potential satellite sites around the country.

The resolution is House Concurrent Resolution 37.