Rep. Stinziano Statement on Suit Filed Against Secretary Husted

COLUMBUS–State Rep. Michael Stinziano (D-Columbus), former Director of the Franklin County Board of Elections, released the following statement regarding the lawsuit filed by Majority leaders yesterday against Secretary of State Jon Husted:

“I am disappointed in the misguided suit brought against the Secretary of State yesterday by leaders in the Majority. The decree this suit seeks to reverse was a result of the many serious legal issues that arose from the 2004 election under Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. The suit ignores the circumstances and the embarrassment that many Ohioans suffered during the 2004 election and I am disappointed by the Majority’s imprudent lawsuit that would prevent some qualified voters from having their properly cast ballot counted. If the goal is to return to the disastrous election process Ohioans saw in 2004, then this lawsuit will take us there.

The suit’s goal to alter the decision and agreement made through the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals is a failure to actually address real election administration concerns and has little legal standing as it asks the Ohio Supreme Court to direct federal courts on a federal constitutional issue.

Regardless of the legal concerns that arise from the suit, I also fear that this is another attempt by the Majority to achieve what they have not been able to achieve due to the voices of the hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who have legally put to referendum - HB 194. Certain provisions of HB 194, if allowed to become law, would absolve poll worker error, a component of the federal consent decree, in favor of not counting provisional ballots. I fear this is yet another attempt to subvert the Ohioans right to referendum and enact provisions of HB 194 before voters have a chance to decide on this matter in November.”