City Works to Keep Drinking Water Safe

The Columbus Dispatch - Letter to the Editor

“Is my drinking water safe?”

With reports of unsafe levels of lead turning up in cities across the country, Columbus residents are asking me about the safety of our drinking water.

I understand their concerns. Community water systems across the country are under scrutiny for failing to ensure the safety of their water supplies. As chair of the Public Utilities Committee, I take special interest in securing and maintaining our city’s water infrastructure.

Last year, the city of Columbus provided almost 49 billion gallons of safe, clean drinking water to more than 1.1 million people. The city is in compliance with all Safe Drinking Water Act requirements, including lead and copper, exceeding many federal and state minimums.

Columbus tap water is tested multiple times a day before leaving the treatment plants to ensure these safeguards are working properly.

Resident can take these steps to reduce exposure to lead:

• If your live in an older home built before 1950, as I do, call the Division of Water, (614) 645-7691 to identify the service-line material.

• Let water run from the tap before drinking or cooking whenever the faucet has gone unused for more than 6 hours.

• Use cold water for cooking.

I work closely with the Department of Public Utilities to ensure the city has the cleanest water possible. My goal is to continue to engage in open dialogue and keep residents up-to-date on the safety of our drinking water.

Columbus City Council is committed to keeping Columbus’ drinking water safe to all visitor and residents.

Michael Stinziano

Member, Columbus City Council