COLUMBUS, Ohio – The following remarks may be attributed in full or in part to Columbus City Council Member Michael Stinziano:


Thank you Judge Brunner, Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, and Elder Price.

Thanks to my wife Caroline, and our kids, Cooper and Riley, who are with us today.

Mayor Ginther, Mr. Dorrian, City Attorney Pfeiffer, Councilmembers Brown, Ryan, Hardin, Klein, Page, Tyson, Judge-Elect Paley, family and distinguished guests, THANK YOU for being here with me as I begin my service on Council in the greatest city in America.

As a kid who was born and grew up in Columbus, I’m so very honored and humbled to be standing before you today as a newly elected member of Council whose members contribute so much to the success of our city. This is an honor and a privilege that I can’t fully express in words.

To the voters of Columbus, who have entrusted me to work with my fellow councilmembers and Mayor Ginther to move our city forward, please know that I remain as committed as ever to working hard to create more and better jobs to grow our economy and enhance economic prosperity for all Columbus residents and to fund essential services to help promote safety in our great neighborhoods.

These ideals will have no greater champion here at City Hall.

Also know that my door will always be open to constituents because the hallmark of effective public service is, and always will be, effective constituent service.

To my fellow Councilmembers, please know that I stand as a ready partner in getting down to the hard work of lifting up all of our neighborhoods so that all Columbus residents have enhanced opportunity. I look forward to working with each of you and with Mayor Ginther on the tough issues that face us.

Finally, to my family and friends – especially Caroline, my Mom and Dad, Aunt Lori and Uncle Bob, and to my sisters Michaelena and D’Lyn, and to Cameron and Luca - thank you for your love and support. There is absolutely no way I would be standing here today without you.

I love you and I hope that my service is something that you all can be proud of now and into the future.

Again, thank all of you who are here on this special day.

Columbus is a city full of promise.  Know that our best days are ahead.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and make a difference on behalf of the residents we serve and on behalf of the city that we all love.

God bless!