Stinziano: Ohio State To Get $5.5 Million To Fund Innovation

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State University will receive more than $5.5 million in state funds to improve various high tech products the university is developing thanks to State Controlling Board action Monday, state Rep. Michael Stinziano says.

Without comment, the State Controlling Board approved the release of $5.543 million in total to benefit the projects that are a part of the state’s Innovation Platform Program.

“Research and development is at the heart and soul of innovation and so I’m pleased that Ohio State will receive these funds to help improve products that will make things easier for businesses and their customers,” said Stinziano, a Columbus Democrat.

According to state documents, the first project funded by $2.543 million in state funds and funds provided by Ohio State involves the development of detectors used in infrared cameras that can improve night vision and images through smoke and inclement weather. Ohio State will provide $2.4 million in matching funds to help fund this project, according to state records.

The second project approved by the Controlling Board is a $2.99 million project that involves the development of affordable cloud-based modeling and simulation tools to help companies design and test manufactured products, according to state documents. Ohio State will provide $3.55 million in matching funds to help fund this project.

According to the state, the Innovation Platform Program (IPP) provides support for operating and capital equipment needs that will benefit an entrepreneurial and commercial purpose. The IPP links the research capabilities and capacities of an already established technology platform at an Ohio university or college or non profit research institution to the late stage research, product development needs of for profit companies, the state said.

Made up of six state lawmakers and a representative of the governor’s office, the Controlling Board has the final say over some of the state’s larger spending projects.