OARnet Receives Funding, Stinziano Says

COLUMBUS, Ohio – OARnet, the state’s high speed data network to connect Ohio’s colleges and universities, will get the equipment it needs for its backbone thanks to State Controlling Board release of $137,352, state Rep. Michael Stinziano said Monday.

Without comment, the board released the money to Ohio State University for the project to purchase routing equipment from Cincinnati Bell for the so-called “Dark Fiber” project.

“I’m very pleased that OARnet will get the equipment it needs to continue to help make Ohio a technology leader in the Midwest and the country,” said Stinziano, a Columbus Democrat.

The purchase was for backbone routing equipment to support OARnet’s backbone.  The routing equipment will be used to upgrade network capacity at a data center. The pieces of equipment are traffic routing devices that direct traffic to its destination.

Made up of six state lawmakers and a representative of the governor’s office, the State Controlling Board has the final say over some of the state’s larger spending projects.